About My MGs

A very original 1977 MGB

Bought in very original shape with only 29k miles. Still very original but with 100+k miles.

1997 MGF 1.8 MPI

Originally a Japanese export model it was imported into Canada and I subsequently imported to the USA. It's Amaranth (KMN) colour is quite rare.

A 1972 MGB Project Taught Me A Lot

I had wanted a chrome bumper car, in addition to the 77, and acquired this from the middle of Missouri. With help this became a huge learning experience and expanded by knowledge enormously.

A 1970 MGB GT with a V8 Conversion

When I had the opportunity to buy this V8 conversion I couldn't resist. I sold the 1972 and a new adventure began. As a custom car, not built by me, everything is an adventure but smiles per mile are huge.